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Hair Plus ME

Nail Lab in a Box; Extra Long Press Ons

Nail Lab in a Box; Extra Long Press Ons

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  • Box set of 24pc in 10 sizes stick on nails, a nail glue, a wooden cuticle stick, an alcohol wipe, a 100/180 mini nail file and 1 sheet nail adhesive tabs. 
  • Nail Glues are fast drying, quick bonding, can last for 14-30 days, and easy to apply.
  • You also get a pack of 2mm adhesive double sided tape for you to apply for those one day one night looks.
  • A 100/180 Grit mini nails file and wooden cuticle stick are included in the package. Cleaning cuticle before applying gel nails and removing the nails with the wooden stick. The nail file works quickly to trim or shape acrylic nails to your desired shape or length when you want to get the nails just right.

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