How We've Responded to Covid-19

During these unprecedented times we have had to change our business plan and course of action several times to adapt to the changing times. It is with pleasure, however, that we announce our more stable and sustainable ability to maintain our efforts and we have successfully launched as so in correspondence with and correlation to these abilities.

All our team members are responsible for wearing the proper PPE material as required to or pertaining to the job they are assigned to. This means we are wearing gloves, masks, eye wear, and more while packaging or handling materials. Not only are we following these types of protocols but each member of the team is using sanitizing wipes and spray on surface areas and on equipments used to guarantee the lowest risks of contamination if any at all.

We thank you all for your concern and for being patient with us as we adhere to guidelines which benefit all of us. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service by email at: or by phone at (888)237-4656.