How To Apply & Care For Your Lashes

How To Apply:

Carefully apply eyeliner as close to the roots of your lashes as possible. Make a line as thick as the size of the magnets on the lashes on your eyelid. Make sure to line from your inner to outer corner so that the magnets at the ends of the lash band can hold on properly, starting at where your own natural lashes start to where they end.

Then Grab your magnetic lash and coordinate each lash with its corresponding eye. Make contact with the outer corner first, then gently press the lash onto the inner corner. Get the band as close to your natural lashes as possible. You can pinch the natural and fake lashes together to ensure this happens. If you have long lashes, make sure to get behind your natural lashes so they don’t interfere with the eyeliner to magnet contact.

How to Remove:

Gently pull lashes off your eyes and clean your eyelids with any oil based cleanser (We suggest our Be Bourgeoisie hypoallergenic makeup wipes, or any other micellar water, waterproof makeup wipes, fractionated coconut oil, etc). Warm water with a gentle scrub in the shower will even get it off!

Keep Your Lashes Fresh:

Use a Be Bourgeoisie makeup wipe to gently clean off any remnants on each of the magnets. Use the wipe to clean off the magnetic strip in the box as well, then magnetize the lashes back into the box!

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