How do I contact customer service?

You can contact us by email at info@hairplusme.com

Where are you located?

We are located in Nevada.

What are your business hours?

Because we are an online store, you can shop 24/7. Happy shopping! We are closed on all national major holidays.


How do I apply my magnetic lashes?

Please watch one of our many tutorial videos meant to help you. Find it here: https://youtu.be/woYCRZFxunY

How do I remove my magnetic lashes?

It's simple. Use our Magnet Care and Lash Solution; Tear Free Lash wash or try or makeup wipes! Both are hypoallergenic. 

How do I clean my magnetic lashes?

Please visit our YouTube tutorial video. Watch it here: https://youtu.be/BLEgnmbJTrA

Does Be Bourgeoisie magnetic eyeliner come with the Be Bourgeoisie magnetic lashes?

Yes and no. You can buy it separately and together. To buy the eyeliner and the lash of your choice in a bundle/kit, please click here: https://hairplusme.com/collections/be-bourgeoisie-magnetic-lash-18mm-collection/products/be-bourgeoisie-magnetic-lash-exclusive-bundle-kit

What's in the Be Bourgeoisie magnetic eyeliner, is it safe & is it cruelty free?

Our Be Bourgeoisie Magnetic Eyeliner is actually made with food-grade safe materials. Feel free to request a list of ingredients by emailing info@hairplusme.com. Our products are NEVER tested on animals

What are your Be Bourgeoisie magnetic lashes made of?

The strip in the lash is made with cotton fiber and silicone. The hairs are taken cruelty free and are made of mink. 

How do I make my magnetic eyelashes stick to the magnetic eyeliner better?

If you should run into any issues with your eyeliner: Ask yourself these questions: Is it too cold? If so, allow the eyeliner to come to room temperature. Did I shake the container? If not, please do so. Did you apply the eyeliner and let it completely dry before applying the magnetic lash? If so, please try applying the lash while the eyeliner is still slightly wet. 


Please see our policies here: https://hairplusme.com/policies/privacy-policy

https://hairplusme.com/policies/refund-policy https://hairplusme.com/policies/shipping-policy

 When will I receive my order?

Your order will be shipped out within 1-2 days of us receiving the order. We know you want it and we are not trying to hold it longer than we need to. Then it's up to USPS; however, most customers receive their order within 7 business days. 

How do I cancel my order?

You have 15 mins from the time of purchase to let us know by email or by phone (see how to contact us) to cancel your order or to change it. If you cannot reach us or get your cancellation approved within that time frame you must wait till your order is received to request a refund. Remember refunds are only offered on unopened, unused, unworn items with original tags and packaging still attached. See return policy. 

Can I return or exchange?

Yes you can. Restrictions apply. Please see our return policy. Find it here: https://hairplusme.com/policies/refund-policy