What's Your Favorite Memory with Mom?

I'll go first. I remember being in a department store and my mother and I we're looking for matching cowgirl boots. At the time, I couldn't have been older than 5 years old and I was probably younger than that. It is a memory that I hold on too for some reason. I can still see the moment just as clearly as it had occurred. 

As a child, before the drug epidemic that caught all of the better half of California by storm; my mother was a hard working, registered nurse for our community hospital. In fact, she worked for the same hospital I was born in. 

Her sense of taste and what she demanded from the world at the time were of high standards and I don't think she ever shopped at anything other than Lord & Taylors, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and places of the like. She was high fashion and I think a bit before her time.

Back to that day, as we sought out our matching boots; I wanted a pair to match the ones she already owned. They were white with white fringe hanging loose on either side of each boot. We must've went into several department stores as we looked for a pair in my size. Surely enough we found a pair. I remember she let me wear them straight out of the store. 

As I got older, the little things that mattered suddenly became less and less and eventually my mother passed. I will always hold tight to those memories of her and I together. In honor of all mothers out there.. and to all the women are more of a mother than others give credit; this is dedicated to the memory of you!

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