What is Your Perception of Beauty?

There isn't a soul on the earth that has not been bombarded with the overwhelming thoughts of not having the perfect body, or long flowing hair, or the perfect chin, perhaps we wish for the perfect set of 6 pack abs and so on. Forget the fact that most of us suffer from these thoughts of not looking good enough; we also suffer from thoughts of not being good enough which is a totally separate issue to be discussed at another time.

The truth is however, that according to todays standards and fashion trends, some of us will never be considered "enough" because we are all either too fat, too skinny, too pale, too dark, too tall, etc., You get my point.

But do you see the underlying issue with societies POV on beauty and why it isn't healthy to accept as a this is it factor towards yourself perception? Literally, there isn't a characteristic of our natural traits that hasn't been dissected or warped into into this unnatural expectation to live by. One thing we can do to escape this unnatural reality, is to ignore it! Simply embrace who you are. Celebrate the skin you're in and make the decision to alter your way of thinking about the matter. 

Embrace what makes you - you

That's why it's important to practice self care which by the way, is a form of self love. There isn't anything wrong with taking care of ourselves from time to time. Often, due to our normal hustle and bustle, it gets harder to stick to a self care routine, however, it's proven time and again, that people who treat themselves or practice self love techniques on a regular basis are more relaxed, coordinated, focused, and have more energy.

Look in the mirror today and say, "I am worthy. I am perfect the way I am. I do not change to myself to meet anyone's expectations."

You can do many things to practice self care = self love on your own and at your own pace. Listed below are a few links to help you along your self care journey. We wish you nothing but peace and best wishes along the way!

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Hair Plus ME Lash & Brow AfterCare Kit


Cuticle Oil To Go Pen


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