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We have this seasons hottest items in stock. Have you seen what's new at Hair Plus ME lately?

Recently added, you'll find an all new collection; Hair Plus ME/Be Bourgeoisie Merchandise collection featuring mugs, books, and journals created by myself, CEO Amberonie, to help promote self confidence and empowerment through personal and professional development.

Did you know I am a published author? Most recently, my work consists of two children inspired books, I Can BE Anything; Super Boys and Super Girls Edition. Each book is available in most formats; e-book, paperback, and hardcover. 

I felt a strong yet sudden urge one morning to create these books for children of color so they can recognize themselves in positive literature. I am currently working on several more children's books; however, are you aware of my first publication?

I remember when I wrote that story, I was afraid to give the main character a "color" so I made him colorless. I was a grown woman, so unsure of myself and my capabilities that I figured my book should not be too black or too white and that it was a slippery slope to appease everyone. I just wanted to reach as many children as possible without being locked in a box. Back then, the buy black initiative was unheard of and I feared that I wouldn't receive support from my community. I actually cringe thinking about the state of my mindset back then.

In 2015, my first book, Hobbity Bobbity & The Red Bush Forest, sold less than 1000 copies to date. 

It haunted me for years and still does to this date that I did not create my first book specifically geared towards children of color. It ended up being a flop but I have not let is stop me from following my heart and using my written word to encourage and inspire.

With that being said, it is with my greatest pleasure to announce; I know my worth. I know what I am capable of; I know what my purpose is and I intend to walk in it with my head held high. 


Now, you can purchase my books on,, and here at in the merchandise collection. You can even find a mug and journal to match your mood. What can be better than that?

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