Standing Out in an Over Saturated Market

Did you know that the majority of Beauty Supplies are Asian owned yet the majority of shoppers are mainly of African American Descent? Well you do now. Help us bring more financial stability into our community. Every time you shop at you are supporting a black owned-family operated business which started as a tiny dream.

This market is not normally penetrated by African American Women. Yet, CEO Amberonie, Hi that's me, had the audacity and the vision to make it happen.

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CEO Amberonie on her 40th Bday. CEO of Plus ME Brands LLC DBA Hair Plus ME.

As a female entrepreneur, going into this industry has been very interesting, rewarding and also challenging. There are many who thought I was crazy for wanting to go into the beauty supply business, although, I had recently graduated with several degrees specializing in non related industries. But my passion for beauty; feeling good because you look good kept me in the game.

To date, my small online business has managed to produce over 35 products within the Be Bourgeoisie Beauty Brand plus we have begun offering Vending Machine Placement services for our Beauty to Go Vending Machines. 

Be Bourgeoisie Beauty to Go Vending Machines by Hair Plus ME

I really decided to just go out on a limb and make my dreams a reality. You can help me stay in the game. Did you know that the reason most people can't chase their dreams beyond a year without quitting is? Not receiving any support from their community. 

Hair Plus ME started out completely self financed, however, after many years of trial and error, it has reached the point where we can no longer stay afloat without the help of our community. 

If you value mom and pop ideas and those who work hard to attempt something in life; consider our store as the right choice for your beauty supply needs. At; we package and distribute our products directly within the US at our facility in Vegas. All items are inspected and guaranteed under our 30 day return policy. You cannot go wrong by giving us a chance. 

Another way we standout; we also offer unique one of a kind items that are designed and created by CEO Amberonie. Items like; Plus Size Lounge Wear, Evening Clutch Bags, Leggings, and even readable content and journals made for all ages

You can also find most of my titles at or by clicking on Professional & Personal Books here:

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Don't forget to tell a friend about us. We do hope you consider Hair Plus ME for all your beauty and hair care needs.

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