Representation Matters and We're Here For It

As we say goodbye to September and close on the third quarter this year, we are just pleased to have been able to survive. While we still have not reached our fullest potential or garnered what most other businesses in our industry have made this year so far, we are thrilled to still be open and serving our community. 

We have goals and dreams, sure. So each day we strive to provide excellent customer service and products that people can love. As we continue to make a name for ourselves we are reminded that without customers we are nothing. As our way of reaching the community we serve; we have decided to also offer home accents and even fashion apparel that are made with representation in mind.

Look at these one of a kind accent pillows. Only 100 of each design will be made and shipped.

We created travel size to wipes. They are hypoallergenic and made exclusively by our company. Find them here:

We are a black family owned and operated business after all. It is only right that we provide products that can be specifically geared to and made for people of color. We are proud to announce a major move on our end as we begin to provide even more black owned brands, as well as, products made and designed by CEO Amberonie, owner and founder of Hair Plus ME which focus on inclusion and equal representation.

Home Accents made and designed by CEO Amberonie of Hair Plus ME. Representation Matters.

If you would like to support CEO Amberonie on her entrepreneurial journey click here: Https://

If you are interested in a collaboration and would like to feature your black owned products in our store please contact us. We would love to work with you. 

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