Have You Seen Our New Hair Facts Information Tab?

Now available, a new "Hair Facts" tab in the main menu of Hairplusme.com! That's right. The Plus ME Brands, has been working hard behind the scenes to bring to you another place to turn; for those of us seeking knowledgable advice on the how to's and more about hair. This informative page will contain hair type information, hair care information, and fun tips on all types of hair.

What started as the day to day search on google for hair care ideas for natural hair because as a 38 year old African American woman, I had no idea how to care for my hair. Not only did I not know how to care for my, what I know now is my 4b-4c hair, I also do not know how to corn braid. While this may not seem like a big issue to some of you, believe me, it was and is a major issue in the black community when you fall in my category, black girls who can't do hair. 

So over the years, I developed this appreciation with anyone who helped me contain my hair and style it. But deep down it always hurt that I did not know how to do these things myself; braiding, weave install, finger waves-I couldn't do any of it. It wasn't until COVID became this national emergency and we were stuck at home for me to put what I had researched and felt comfortable doing, into action.

Interestingly enough, it was during this same time period where my husband, Co-CEO and Founder of The Plus ME Brands, Kevin Ferguson, began helping me wash, dry and care for not only my hair but our daughters as well. He helped with weave installs, he helped with cutting and anything we needed as all of us sort of went on this natural hair care journey together. 

We don't proclaim to know it all and in fact, we do advise that you seek second opinions, as needed, for any advice, opinions, or tips that we offer and not to use any of the above stated, as medical advice or treatment.

Since this is a new page, of course as you know, not everything is going to be covered immediately. This page will be an ever growing-all inclusive place, to find resources pertaining to hair for time to come and will be updated monthly. So with that being said, "relax, read, and enjoy the researched information that we have paraphrased into several sections to make your reading quick, inspiring, and informative for time to come."

You can access, "Hair Facts, by clicking here: https://hairplusme.com/pages/hair-facts 

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Thank you for reading!

Amber Ferguson

The Plus ME Brands Co-Founder and CEO




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