Celebrating JUNETEENTH means Remembering Where You Came From and Where you're Going!

I won't get into the nitty gritty of slavery and what it meant to be a slave in America during the 400+ years of oppression. We ..well most of us already have an idea as to how it played out back then. Instead, I want this to be a educational story. One of perseverance and determination. A story of triumph in the face of barbaric circumstance meant to literally kill off my ancestors and most other black people ... I could say to this day;

You see, I am a 4th generation descendent of slavery. When you think about that... it doesn't make it seem as though slavery was as long ago as some may want you to believe. In fact, when you really look at the numbers, slavery really only came to an end 157 years ago ... meanwhile the Constitution was written 235 years ago. 

My great grandmother would sit us down and tell us stories of how her father, who was also her master, favored her because of her fair skin. But it didn't save her from torment. The cruelty was too much for her to recall in her late 90s but I remember being horrified at just her demeanor as she spoke. My great-great grandfather was a slave owning, child rapist. Think about that.

My father's mother, my Grammy, now she was never a slave but she grew up down south on a pig farm. She would tell us stories of the KKK showing up with burning pitchforks, on horses; ready and more than willing to cause trouble; on any given day.

Her family was harrassed so much by the KKK they actually had to leave for Chicago in the middle of the night in the 1920's. Which my Grammy would always tell us how at that time her family separated because of their skin tones! The darker side of the family remained in the slums and had a much harder time at life than the lighter side which was able to pass. It was that moment that actually changed the lifestyle and opportunities available to my entire family; to this day.

My Grammy who was of darker skin, she lived a life; well I think I'll actually save her lifestyle story for another time but know this .. FREEDOM was very different for many people depending on which side of the sun you belonged.

It saddens me sometimes when I hear people that truly just do not understand nor can they ever; in my opinion, say things like, "It was so long ago. Get over it" when year after year we honor or celebrate the lives of people lost during 9/11 or the Holocaust.. heck even WW1 victims are still honored and remembered.

It's sad to know that some people truly cannot see what 400+ years of not being able to join society as an equal has done. What 400+ years of separation, rape, manipulation, starvation, beatings, inhumane living standards, no education, no access to arts or books or the ability to expand one's thinking has created? 

Our songs were stolen. Our art was stolen. Our language, our names, our dignity, or children... were stolen! We were originally Kings, Queens, Emperors, healers, builders, scientists, philosophers, and more but we were broken..mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and it didn't just magically stop in 1865. 

Yet, we are made to believe to this day that people of color are the people to fear and to hate. Why? Has it not been white people that have dominated every liveable place on this planet and used it to their ability on increasing capitalism while using their superiority to mute the majority? It sure wasn't black people that slaughtered the Native Americans. Over the course of HIS-STORY however, we are consistently seeing who the true oppressors are which is in the process of being rewritten because "they" don't want you to know the truth.

So when it comes to JUNETEENTH.. the one day created for us to remember all that we endured and how far we've come; I can't wait to celebrate the day with some good food, my family and friends; in the safety of my home... along way away from the 1930s that's for sure. 

While I could have let so much keep me from becoming who I am meant to be; I beat the odds. I overcame trials. I remained intent on my purpose and now I have created the life of my dreams and I have opened the door for my children and their children in hopes of never again having to live a life of suffering. To think this was a privilege not so possible just less than 57 years ago.

My name is CEO Amberonie and I am a first time Generation Woman Entrepreneur, College Grad, & Business Owner. I am who my family's been waiting for. Generational curses end with me. Thank you for reading. Blessings. 

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In honor of JUNETEENTH, our customer service dept. will be closed and we will resume normal activity on 6/20/22.  

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