Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Bourgeoisie!

It’s a new year. Happy 2023 everyone! That being said, the new year brings opportunity to blossom and flourish into our true selves. So who are you? When’s the last time you took a minute to sit back and really dig deep into the things that make you whole?

It’s not easy to do but once you decide to walk in your purpose; falling in love with yourself is easy enough.

Here’s some things you can try right now to help you get more in tune with your own needs and therefore these ideas may help you begin to feel braver as your journey into this season; this new year, of being you.

Dedicate 30 mins a day to doing something you enjoy.

(Suggesting and hinting you check this out as well) 💅🏽💅🏽🤷🏽‍♀️

Self Care equals self love. Fall in love with yourself again this year! Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the space and time to heal and let go and become mentally stronger. You can do it! 

Get your nails done. Rock them lashes. Buy that outfit and don’t wait to have an occasion to wear it; wear it to the grocery store if you must! Treat yourself to that dinner or that new wig you’ve been eyeing. Do more of what makes you happy! 

Recently, I have taken the last few months to stay off of social media. I did a lot of soul searching which included lots of tears, lots of revelations regarding my self and my wants plus my needs; and a lot of reflecting on how it all made me feel and where I wanted to channel this new respect that I’ve gained from doing it all.

Sometimes we need that moment no matter how long or brief even, to just help us zone in on our truer needs. The needs to satisfy a fulfilled life. In my own moments, I’ve learned that I no longer want to do anything that doesn’t serve me or my life with the best of intentions.

Look the part.. Feel the part! Here are my favorites for 2023.

Favorite Wig:

Favorite Lashes:

Favorite Item:

Favorite Bag:

Sometimes it’s even easier to find yourself when you take yourself away from the daily grind.

When’s the last time you went somewhere new? A visit to your local state park, a picnic with an old friend, a car ride into a new town or city, a trip to a new destination; these are all ways of getting out and about no matter the budget and each one is guaranteed to provide you with a memory you’ll be glad you made.

When you want to get the sparkle back or as some would say, “Getting Your Groove Back” it is imperative that you simply reconnect with your inner purpose and rekindle those desires that you so often put on the back burner for sacrificial sake; p.s., we’ve all been there and done that.

I wish you all nothing but the best. May you finally become who you want to be this year! May your desires, hopes, dreams and wishes all come true! Remember, most of this… starts with you and how you see yourself! So be brave. Be bold. And most importantly, Be Bourgeoisie Baddies! 

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